<aside> 🤖 We accelerate bio-manufacturing R&D with virtual cells.


🧬 We are an early-stage tech-bio startup at the intersection of biology, bio-informatics, and deep learning. We use data to explain the functionality (→ name 😏) of organisms.

🏭 With such a virtual cell, we can accelerate R&D for bio-manufacturing massively. This will solve one of the remaining key challenges that today still prevent the mass adoption of superior manufacturing methods based on microbial fermentation.

🤗 We are hiring key contributors across those disciplines. If you are passionate about this venture and seek to make an impact with your impressive skills, reach out to us at [email protected] 📧.

<aside> 🙌 Our mission is to enable the bio-economy to reach an industrial scale across geographies.


About us

We are a diverse team of experienced entrepreneurs with backgrounds in fungi 🍄 biotechnology, food development, AI 🧠 and software development 💻. Our mission is to help our society transition to sustainable nutrition sources and thus bring us closer to sustainable life on earth 🌍 in general. We believe that biotechnology 🦠 is the key enabler of this transition.

The founding team

👩🏻‍🔬 Dong Zhao


Co-founder Nosh.bio, scientist Mushlabs; 10 years of research in Fungi biotechnology; high throughput screening fermentation expert; Lean & Agile practitioner.


👨🏻‍💻 Martin Patz


Founding-member Recogni 🧠💻🎥. AI engineer, and software enthusiast. Experienced engineering lead and organization builder.


🏢 Office

We are based in Berlin and Munich. Remote work early on is possible. We believe that best innovation happens when people sit next to each other though 😉.

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